I didn’t say that you could enter (2018)
Plaster and Steel
Dimensions variable

The work proposes a repositioning and celebration of abstract shapes that have made themselves apparent in the aftermath of a traumatic event as the residue of crime, intrusion and trespass. The work addresses no solution or closure to the event that provides its inspiration and context, seeking only to work toward the showcasing of the forms and their awarding of a physical state in which they can be viewed and interpreted. The physical becoming of the work intends to emphasise just how easily an outside body can enter a secure and private environment, stressing the importance of vigilance. I didn’t say that you could enter invites comparison with constructivism and takes influence from Tracey Emin’s depictions of personal experience, Cy Twombly’s free-spirited drawings and El Lissitzky’s Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (1919), a work of propaganda featuring abstract geometric shape and colour.

©2017 Melissa Beardmore

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